Site Evaluation (pre-Installation)

Every site is different, every dealer has specific and individual requirements.

PYXEL applications have the flexibility to deal with all dealer permutations.

As part of our service we arrange a short meeting with dealer management at which we typically discuss

  • Optimum exterior photo area location, indoor studio requirements and/or turntables
  • Dealer graphic overlays and photo template sequence options
  • Dealer advertising resources
  • Internet connectivity
  • Hardware options
  • An overview of the installation and training day
  • Set a training date to suit dealer

Training & Installation

Fully realised onsite deployment and training includes allocating a full day on site with every dealer to install software and adequately train all dealer staff interacting with PYXEL systems.

This is delivered by a qualified, seasoned and professional PYXEL technician to ensure a personal and tailored experience from first engagement to first advert posted – we cater for every nuance to get the best result for each individual customer.

General overview includes:-

  • Park angle mapping and camera ranging in the pre-selected photo area for image consistency
  • Photography training
  • Web video best practices
  • 360 applications
  • Customer video for/with individual salespeople and service technicians
  • Management training on back end control panels and KPI’s

Our technician stays on site until photo sets are being produced, videos are being successfully sent and the management team have a thorough understanding of the system capability.