We keep it simple. Our Sales package includes a full solution for new and used vehicle imagery and video. Integrated customer communication tools and video.

No hidden extras. No add on’s. One package. No complicated contract. One Price. No long contract.

Get Started with pyxel for sales

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A complete solution focussed on your sales and customer satisfaction. Drive more enquiries, maximise stock turn and value whilst delivering better conversations with your customers directly from the app.

Easy to use with built-in guides and tutorials.

photography solutions

  • a sequenced image template (pic image template)
  • photo guides (pic overlay on image app)
  • automatic application of bespoke dealer branding graphics
  • uploads directly from a wi-fi connected camera – negates downloading and uploading images
  • integrated and instant full or partial background removal & replacement with any background designed as required (pic ibr before & after)
  • promotional overlay ability
  • in app tutorials
  • text on image capability (pic before & after)
  • desktop editing suite (screenshot)
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Vehicle video

  • with HD videos automatically uploaded and hosted on YouTube (pic collage of cam/screen/youtube logo)
  • user selectable video pre and post clips are automatically added
  • original sound can be overwritten with an automated clip
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customer video

  • delivered to your customer with either SMS or email notifications (or both)
  • in a bespoke, interactive landing page (screenshot customer video link opened)
  • user selectable video pre and post clips are automatically added
  • with automatic inclusion of all additional digital media for the listed stock item (images, web video, 360’s)
  • individual accounts for Sales Executives with app loaded to their personal phones (android or iOS operating platforms)
  • email send/receive/viewed notifications
  • customer contact via WhatsApp
  • live chat/video
  • and, all in HD video

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interactive 360 imagery

  • 360’s – Interior & Exterior;
    • easily and quickly create engaging click & drag exterior 360’s and drag to view & zoom interior walk arounds. (pic/video red beast & cayenne interior)
  • Control panel with detailed reporting, selectable KPI’s and additional user settings.